Skills Development Centre

SebataSDC - skills development centre - is a division that specialises in the training of municipal employees and their communities. Through its SDC Sebata can assist with the following:

  • Conducting a skills needs analysis for your municipality
  • Advising your municipality on legislative SETA requirements and assisting with the establishment of a skills development committee
  • Creating a municipal skills strategy
  • Advising on the establishment of skills development initiatives
  • Assisting your municipality with compiling and submitting a workplace skills plan (WSP)
  • Soliciting funds for skills development interventions from SETAs
  • Implementing the sector skills plan (SSP) and WSP
  • Acting as a contact person between your municipality and the relevant SETA
  • Offering advice on the quality assurance requirements set by the relevant SETA
  • Aligning your municipality’s strategy with the Human Resource Development Strategy
  • Understanding and implementing the National Human Resources Development Plan (NHRDP) and the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) objectives
  • Rolling out Education Training and Development Practices (ETDP) SETA-accredited skills development programmes, internships, learnerships, and artisan programmes for municipal employees and their community, in line with the Human Resource Development Strategy
  • Assisting with sustainable youth job creation and poverty alleviation
  • Drafting an annual training report on the implementation of the WSP
  • Serving as a resource for all aspects of skills development

Sebata Solutions-Specific Training

  • Enterprise Management System (EMS)
    • Financial management system (FMS)
    • Information management system (IMS)
    • Performance management system (PMS)
    • Electronic document management system (EDMS)
    • Asset management
    • Supply chain management (SCM)
    • HR, payroll and leave management
    • Job costing management
    • Capital project/programme budgeting and management
    • Report writing
    • Pre-paid vending − water and electricity
    • Business registrations receipting/remote receipting
    • Cemeteries management
    • Time and attendance management
    • Library management
    • Resorts management
    • Spatial data management

Other Training Programmes

    • Local government SETA-accredited courses
    • General basic computer skills based on the International Computer Driving Licence
    • Microsoft Office skills − Excel, MSWord, PowerPoint, Outlook
    • System administrator skills − basic skills for system administrators
    • Municipal accounting practice skills − teaching the accounting theory behind the financial department’s activities

Sebata Training Academy Programme (SebataTAP )

SebataTAP focuses on training resources in the municipal space. We ensure that attendees comply with fundamental municipal regulations, workflow, understanding of structures and timelines as dictated by the MFMA, MSA and all other government legislation as released from time to time. The academy admits a limited number of interns every six months. After six months the interns will fall into one of three categories:

  • Permanent appointment in one of the Sebata departments after successful completion of the TAP
  • Extension and automatic enrolment in the next six months of the TAP
  • Released from the TAP to fulfil a role at a municipality