• Business Continuity

Industry legislation makes executives liable for maintaining the security of their corporate information. At the same time, virtualisation and cloud computing technologies are changing the way organisations do business. Within this context of legal obligations and growing technology trends, Sebata Continuity Services can assist with your organisation’s business strategy by:

    • Improving your organisation’s ability to recover from data loss, reduce the potential for data loss, and ensure that mission-critical data is recoverable
    • Ensuring your organisation has minimum downtime in the case of a disaster   
    • Ensuring your data is secure, whether on the premises or in a data centre

  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

IT governance, risk management and compliance is a challenging organisational process to understand, implement and maintain. Sebata has the necessary skills and experience to define effective processes and policies around governance risk and compliance.

  • Our solutions include:

    • Helping your business clearly articulate the role of IT
    • Aligning the requirements of your business with the services provided by IT
    • Ensuring the effective use of resources and implementing frameworks to help your business measure the value IT generates 

  • IT Risk Management

Effective risk management is facilitated by empowering decision-making within the organisation. To assist with this Sebata works with you to build risk management reporting mechanisms that help you understand the risks to your organisation and the consequent impact. We also help integrate the wider business into the risk mitigation strategy for IT. An improved understanding of risk can help IT increase the level of service provided to the business and management to justify the investments required to implement strategic remediation solutions. 

  • IT Compliance

    Many regulations and guidelines require specific IT controls. Ensuring compliance can be costly and complex. Sebata enables you to create a programme of governance and risk management that integrates the various activities and technologies within the IT client in a manner that enhances risk assessment, drives process efficiency and effectiveness, and provides the infrastructure needed to manage compliance initiatives. With the right structure, processes and automation, you can streamline your organisation’s compliance process, and even derive value from it.





  • LAN vs WAN

    Organisations’ local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) are more than mere switches and routers and have a big impact on productivity. They are able to enhance agility, making organisations more competitive. Networks are the engine driving and determining the speed between your employees and your service delivery to customers and partners, as well as helping increase revenue.

    For this reason, for organisations to perform at their best, they are strongly dependent on WAN and LAN infrastructure. Sebata focuses on the business potential of organisations’ networks. We see LANs and WANs as a stepping-stone for business functions and communications.

We provide LANs that connect computers in small areas such as homes, offices, schools and corporations using network media. This is useful for sharing resources such as printers, files and games. A LAN includes a number of computer systems connected to each other, with one system connected to a router, modem or an outlet for Internet access. The LAN is built using inexpensive technologies such as Ethernet cables, network adapters and hubs. However, other wireless technologies are also available.

Sebata provides various solutions for WANs that cover a broad area using private or public network transport. A good example of a WAN is the Internet, which can connect anyone from anywhere worldwide. WAN solutions can be used to connect remote offices and buildings to the main organisation’s network infrastructure.  



Public/Private Cloud

  • Public Clouds

    Through Sebata public clouds, services and infrastructure are provided to a data centre over the Internet. Public clouds offer the most reliability in shared resources and are relevant to your organisation if:

    • Your standardised workload for applications is used by lots of people, such as e-mail
    • You need to test and develop application code
    • You have software as a service (SaaS) applications that have a well-implemented security strategy
    • You need incremental capacity
    • You’re doing collaboration projects

  • Private Clouds

    With Sebata private clouds, the hardware and software infrastructures are maintained on a local network. These clouds offer the most security and control, but the organisation still needs to purchase and maintain all the software and infrastructure, which reduces the cost saving. A private cloud is beneficial when:

    • Your organisation owns its data and applications, making control and security critical
    • Your organisation must conform to strict security and data privacy issues
    • Your organisation can run a data centre efficiently and effectively on its own

    To make it easier to understand the differences between a public and private cloud, one can compare each to an apartment complex. The public cloud is like an apartment building filled with multiple tenants, while a private cloud is like an apartment building you have to yourself.

  • Server Virtualisation

    Server virtualisation should be a priority in any company’s ICT strategy. It’s not only a cost saving and a means of containing capex, but can also be the driving force behind the uptake of your business processes.

    Virtualisation improves business continuity and disaster recovery preparations and reduces power costs, thus bringing operational costs down.
    Sebata server virtualisation​ solutions enable you to:

    • Reduce IT hardware and software expenditure
    • Improve the availability of workloads
    • Reduce operating costs through consolidation and physical servers
    • Improve your readiness for Sebata CloudWare
    • Provide infrastructure to support new demands from your business and users









  • CloudWare

    Instant access 
    Any application 
    True mobility 
    Bring your own device 
    Sustainable computing 
    Cloud application store (CAS)

  • CloudWare overview

Deliver any application, to any device, instantly.
CloudWare enables instant access to any of your business-critical applications (apps) from tablets, smartphones, desktop or laptops. Through CloudWare, you can have your own CAS, from which you can publish any apps you choose.

Once CloudWare is installed, your virtual app store is ready to use - just click on the app you want, and it will appear instantly on your device.

The apps do not run on your machine; instead they run inside a private or public cloud of your choosing, which means that your data is safe, your access is secure, and you don’t need to load anything onto your local device. 

This also means you don’t have to worry about the devices themselves. If your computer crashes, take your tablet, click on CloudWare and just keep going. You can use as many of your own devices as you like to access your business-critical apps. 

CloudWare is a virtualisation technology that runs your apps on a server anywhere in the world, and delivers them to your devices anywhere in the world. Accessing your most important business apps becomes as easy as clicking on CloudWare, and choosing the app you want to use. The app “opens” on your device, and you can start using it straight away. Whether you are on your home PC, work computer, travelling with your smartphone, or on holiday with your iPad, CloudWare will give you instant access to the apps you need to run your business.

  • CloudWare benefits

Your business no longer needs to support individual devices, or individual installations of software. You can even remove the support of operating systems for end-users and branches. CloudWare enables you to deliver all your business-critical apps from one central environment, delivered as far and wide as you choose. It’s like having your own private cloud.

In the current market, it’s essential for businesses to cut costs and save money. Businesses are saving up to 80% of their current support and maintenance costs, and more than 60% on devices costs for their offices and branches through lower hardware costs and lower electricity usage.

A single installation of CloudWare removes the need to install software for users, as well as the need to support these installations. Just manage your central environment, and the rest takes care of itself. Businesses can purchase inexpensive thin computing or tablet devices, and have access to all their business-critical apps, instantly.

CloudWare instantly allows mobile users access to business-critical apps, growing productivity in your organisation. Constant access, from anywhere in the world, on any device, means your users are able to approve quotes, generate proposals, sign off projects, and even access critical customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) information instantly. Using a laptop, home desktop, smartphone or tablet, your business and its resources can be active and productive on demand. This results in far higher efficiency and productivity, which translates into more money and time for your business.

The cost for businesses to become cloud-enabled, fully mobile, fully secure and resilient against downtime, is prohibitively expensive. Using CloudWare, businesses throughout South Africa have enabled their own private app store, at a fraction of the cost. You only pay for what you use, and instantly enable all your apps for the cloud. This means full mobility, security and resilience, one place to back up, one place to maintain - saving companies money every year, and delivering all the benefits of the cloud.

CloudWare also enables instant disaster recovery, from anywhere in the world. Having disaster recovery at your fingertips can save your business money, and can improve reputation and productivity.

  • CloudWare security

Security is essential when considering cloud services and CloudWare is no exception, offering world-class security through military grade encryption and secure socket slay (SSL)-certificate enablement, to ensure the communication channels are secure. Most important, your data never leaves the data centre, ensuring its privacy and safety.

We offer data security and encryption from start to finish, and as your data never leaves the data centre, what we encrypt are the pixels.

Encryption comes standard in CloudWare, and if you require an SSL-certified encryption through any an SSL provider, CloudWare will enable the use of these for you. You can make your encryption as secure as you choose, even beyond the 4096-bit encryption used by banks. From large financial institutions, to corporates and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), CloudWare delivers the level of security that meets your industry’s standards.

CloudWare’s security enables users to be fully mobile, without concern for security, and without the need for VPNs and other overheads to get access to your business applications and data. It’s fast, simple and secure access to exactly what you need, whether it’s typing a Word document on your iPad, or releasing a payment from SAP on your Android smartphone - any application you choose can be securely available to you from anywhere in the world.

As difficult as it is for your CloudWare connection to be breached and your encryption to be hacked, it’s not impossible. Fortunately, in the unlikely event that this were to happen, the only thing the hacker would find moving over the link is an encrypted pixel, which is a dot of light. If they were to reassemble the dots in the correct order, they would have a screen shot - but they will never have your data, because your data remains in the data centre. This is the same result as thieves breaking into a cash-in-transit vehicle, only to find its contents are photographs of money, not the money itself.

  • CloudWare flash

The CloudWare flash drive (USB stick) enables you to carry your own desktop in your pocket, for less than R200, and use this as your computer by simply plugging it into an existing computer anywhere in the world. This flash device becomes your whole desktop, which includes an operating system, CloudWare, and access to all your apps.

You can make any computer a “dumb terminal”. Using your CloudWare flash, you no longer need to worry about viruses, computer settings and installing operating systems and applications. All you do is plug in your flash drive, and start working. The CloudWare flash delivers a static operating system, which means even if it gets repeatedly infected with viruses and malware, all you do is reboot and everything returns to normal. It’s the safest and easiest way to access all your important data, documents and apps.

  • CloudWare mobility

Workers are becoming increasingly mobile and are often no longer required to keep office hours, preferring to send e-mails and complete tasks while mobile or from home. CloudWare makes this easy for any organisation to achieve, thus driving productivity and growth.

In the world of the cloud, access to information is only half the puzzle. The ability to use and change information is equally important, but the only way to change or manipulate data is by using the right app. The ability to access your business-critical apps enables you to do all this, from any device, anywhere in the world - that is true mobility, powered by CloudWare.

You've probably heard of "bring your own device" (BYOD). Imagine the ability to publish all your apps to a central app store, within your business or organisation, and instantly let all your employees access these apps from anywhere in the world - on whatever device they choose. This is true BYOD. Businesses no longer need to build apps to be compatible with mobile devices, they just need CloudWare, and they will instantly have their own applications store, ready to use today.

  • Infrastructure Solutions

SebataICT specialises in designing IT solutions to meet organisations’ business requirements. We use the best and latest technology solutions available to help you realise your business strategy and increase productivity, as well as maximise your organisation’s efficiency. 
Our skilled and experienced IT engineers are well equipped to review and analyse your ICT environment, and recommend the most appropriate technologies, products and service offerings. 

  • Servers Infrastructures

    • Rack mount

    • Tower

    • Blades servers

  • Networking and Connectivity

    • WAN
    • LAN
    • Metropolitan area network (MAN)
    • Unified communication
    • Physical security
    • Bandwidth optimisation
    • Wireless
    • Security
    • Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS)
    • VPN
    • Server rooms

  • Storage

    • Network attached storage – (NAS)

    • Direct attached storage – (DAS)

    • Storage area network – (SAN)

  • Software

    • Backup software

    • Virtualisation

  • End-User Computing

    • Laptops

    • Desktops

    • Thin computing solutions

    • Tablets

    • Software

  • SebataConnect

    SebataConnect will help you maintain strong connections across your organisation through solutions that ensure fast, secure and reliable communication with all your offices, mobile employees, remote locations and business partners.

    SebataConnect’s VPN offering has grown substantially since its introduction. We use an independent network to provide SebataConnect services to more than 80 customers.

    SebataConnect solutions can be easily integrated with client networks and can be provided by satellite, fibre, radio, microwave, ADSL or Diginet, or mobile connectivity, depending on the remote site location and service availability.

    SebataConnect offers these benefits:

    • Internet access and access to secure online resources for your staff, wherever they are, using Sebata CloudWare
    • An off-site backup solution where you can back up critical data to a secure data centre
    • Remote support on all Sebata solutions
    • Hosted mail and mail archiving (optional)
    • Firewall for Internet (optional)   

  • Virtualisation

    • VMware

    With the growth of virtualisation technology worldwide, Sebata, in partnership with VMware, is also using it for clients’ benefit, using the virtualisation of server infrastructure to enable the best infrastructure solutions.
    Through cloud computing, which is transforming the way in which information and services are used and provided, VMware will help your organisation by:

        • Lowering costs through more efficient use of energy and resources
        • Enhancing agility, growth, and profitability
        • Simplifying operations and management


  • IT Managed Services

Sebata IT managed services help clients deal with day-to-day operations of one or more of their technologies within their infrastructure. To ensure organisations use a technology that fits seamlessly and effectively into their environment, organisations' service providers must be able to manage clients’ technology end-to-end, and offer technical expertise, consistent service and flexibility across multiple vendors and technologies.

Handing over the management of an organisation's technology to an IT services management provider requires trust. Sebata has more than 20 years’ experience across different technologies, and delivers consistent and quality managed services cost-effectively thanks to our methodologies and high levels of expertise.

  • ICT Outsourcing

    Organisations need to bring together the people, processes and systems that deliver more business-aligned ICT. They also need to manage multiple vendors across several geographies without losing focus of their core business strategy. At the same time, they face increasing pressure to reduce costs, improve operational productivity, and meet staff needs for new software and technologies to ensure they remain competetive.

    Organisations therefore need to change their approach from managing ICT equipment to managing ICT services as a unit. ​Sebata provides an essential service in this regard. We’ll help you increase the agility and flexibility of your business model by delivering ICT outsourcing services that encompass network infrastructures, connectivity and hosted services, end-user support and helpdesk centres. We have technical expertise across various technology sectors and broad coverage country-wide.

  • ICT Support Services

    Most organisations have a large, installed ICT base that spans multiple vendors, licences, technologies and departments, and require ICT service support to ensure availability and reliability. When systems fail, it is essential that an organisation’s maintenance contract ensures they have the right resources on call to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently, according to an appropriate service level agreement (SLA).    

    Employing ICT resources to manage downtime can be costly, requiring the hiring of more highly skilled ICT staff for multiple technologies.

    In providing this service, Sebata assesses foreseeable costs and a framework for efficient resource allocation, while minimising risk and the extra expense of downtime. We offer the following benefits:

    • ICT expertise: you have access to ICT engineers with in-depth knowledge of various technical areas. We also offer third-party expertise through our partnerships with leading technology vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and VMware, where relevant 

    • Strong SLAs: our SLAs oblige us to resolve issues quickly, from the moment a call is logged with our helpdesk. We’ll  also customise the SLA to meet your business requirements

  • IT Consulting Services

    New technologies continually change business needs and new IT options make it difficult to keep organisations’ IT environments up to date when delivering new services to the business. IT companies need to support business operations while charting a path to greater agility, efficiency, security and mobility.  Given this context, it’s critical to select a service provider that can partner with you in planning and building the right solutions and optimising your organisation’s IT environment.

    Sebata provides strategy, architecture, implementation and integration services and will assist you in designing and building the best solutions to optimise your IT environment.
    Our services include:

    • Strategy consulting

    Sebata strategy consulting services help you identify and plan strong and innovative IT services using optimal delivery models that drive real business outcomes. We can help you leverage emerging technologies – mobility, cloud and IT as a service (ITaaS) – while maximising the value of your existing mixed-technology environment. We work with you to develop strategies based on our practical implementation experience.  

    • Architecture consulting

    Sebata’s architecture consultants focus on implementing the correct roadmaps and solution designs for new technologies, and optimising the IT environment to be in line with the organisation’s IT strategy. We have experts in organisational IT architecture and offer solutions that are important to your business, from networking and server infrastructure to end-user computing, software, service management and security. We can provide services and support to help you design end-to-end solutions that will help you realise the value of your technology investment.