Sebata Accounting and Professional Services

All members of this Sebata division have extensive experience in a municipal environment, including in-depth knowledge of the SebataFMS. Our accountants and consultants are available to assist with all your financial requirements.

  • High-level assistance with management letters: recommendations and solutions on issues raised
  • Assistance and implementation of value-added tools such as:
    • Statutory reporting
    • Risk assessment
  • Drafting annual financial statements
  • Drafting budgets
  • VAT assessments
  • Recovery strategies and revenue enhancement assessments
  • High-level managements workshops
  • Monitoring of critical control accounts on site and via SebataConnect
  • Drafting and implementation of system procedures and day-to-day operating procedures
  • Asset verification

Operation clean audit
Sebata Accounting and Professional Services can assist with your clean audit solutions programme. This intervention has the following critical elements:

  • Assessment of the status quo of the municipality through the audit findings
  • Audit recovery and action plan to address the findings contained in the audit report
  • Constant monitoring of the action plan agreed for the clean audit solutions programme
  • Details of compliance/non-compliance in terms of laws and regulations
  • GRAP, high-level review on annual financial statements
  • Advice on critical issues and the way forward